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 Fridge gets a season 4
UKScifi LogoGreat news for a great show Fringe.

The US network Fox has renewed the sci-fi drama series for a full fourth season.

We will have 22 new episodes.

Last month there was a rumour that the show would be cancelled however this was not true.

Posted by Z Friday, March 25, 2011 (21:26:36)

 Tron for the small screen.
UKScifi LogoThe sci-fi classic film Tron is being made by the Disney Channel for the small screen.

The new show will be aimed at children aged between six and 14,

There are reportedly also plans for a separate 10-part micro-series to be shown in autumn 2011 on Disney XD, the cable channel aimed at young boys.

Big screen 3D re-imagining Tron Legacy, meanwhile, is due out in December.

The new TV shows were revealed at a Disney presentation in New York.

Stills from the Tron Legacy film were also shown.

Gary Marsh, entertainment president and chief creative officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, said: "Tron is another example of how we can take advantage of the intellectual property that the studio unit pays tens, if not hundreds of millions, to develop and market."

The original Tron film starred Jeff Bridges as a software engineer, Kevin Flynn, who becomes trapped in cyberspace.

He will reprise the role in Tron Legacy.

Source: EZTV : BBC Online.
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Posted by Z Saturday, March 06, 2010 (11:22:24)

 Lesbian cow study udderly serious.
UKScifi LogoBy Leah Moore

September 2, 2004

THE lesbian love life of domestic cattle has prompted a fact-finding mission to Malaysia's central highlands to study the world's last remaining herd of wild cattle.

Australia's only professor of animal welfare, Clive Phillips from the University of Queensland, is hoping a basic study of Malaysia's endangered Gaur cattle will help explain why domestic cows mount each other during fertile periods. ñ"With domestic cattle the cows show mounting homosexual behaviour when they are on heat and the wild cattle don't show that," Professor Phillips said.

He said factors such as stress, a selective domestication process which favoured outwardly sexual cows and the number of animals on heat in a small enclosure, could explain why domestic cows displayed this deviation in sexual behaviour.

"Possibly in the wild you don't get enough cows on heat in one area together," he said. "There is evidence that this oestrous display is more overt in cramped conditions."

However, he said stress was probably the major factor as studies of rabbits in laboratory situations and koalas in captivity showed a similar increase in homosexual behaviour from that encountered in the wild.

"A lot of animals in stressful conditions display this behaviour," he said. "It is a bit of a stress release."

The study, which begins today, will also examine the differing feeding practices of wild and domestic cattle.
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Posted by Z Tuesday, March 31, 2009 (20:58:45)

 Nervous sheep calmed by 'loved ones'
UKScifi LogoBRITISH scientists have found a seemingly unlikely way to soothe anxious sheep - by showing them photographs of other sheep.

Much as humans find a picture of loved ones a reassuring item to carry in their wallet, the sight of a friendly face appears to lower stress levels in sheep, London's Daily Telegraph newspaper said.

Scientists in Cambridge placed individual sheep in a darkened barn and measured their stress levels, based on signs such as heart rate, blood samples and bleating.

When the animals were shown the faces of other sheep, they had fewer signs of agitation than when they saw goat faces or images of triangles, the report said, citing findings in a publication by British science organisation the Royal Society.

"In this sense, sheep may provide a comparison with us carrying around pictures of our loved ones in our wallets, handbags and so on," said Professor Keith Kendrick, who led the study.

Kendrick also found that sheep can remember the faces of at least 50 other sheep, even in profile, the newspaper added.

Posted by Z Tuesday, March 31, 2009 (20:57:00)

 Hi honey, I'm virtually home alone.
UKScifi LogoBy Jennifer Dudley

(Found on) http://news.com.au/

FEELING lonesome? Mobile telephone no longer ringing? Why not SMS your Virtual Girlfriend?

Australian mobile telephone users may be able to buy and woo virtual dates this year after the release of a Virtual Girlfriend game for 3G mobile telephones.

But lonely or curious men should not expect an easy time of it - this 3D beauty uses artificial intelligence technology to replicate human behaviour and responses.
Read More... (1.46 KB) |
Posted by Z Tuesday, March 31, 2009 (20:54:10)

 Man auctions friendship online.
UKScifi LogoA SCOTTISH man is putting his friendship under the hammer on the Internet.

Stuart Donald, 23, has promised to be best friend for a month to the highest bidder on the eBay website. he photography graduate will send the lucky person two e-mails a week, two letters and text messages. At the end of the month, his friendship could be extended for an agreed amount.

Donald, a chef from Aberdeenshire, said: "It won't cost me much, apart from the postage stamps for the letters."

Bidders have until this Saturday.

Posted by Z Tuesday, March 31, 2009 (20:51:17)

 Cows eat aeroplane.
UKScifi LogoWhen Tony Cooper and Lisa Kingscott left their four-seater light plane parked in a field to have lunch with friends nearby, they paid little attention to the cows quietly grazing nearby.

Big mistake, When the pair returned to their vintage aircraft, they were astonished to find that the herd of bullocks had developed an unlikely taste for its fuselage and were munching their way through a large section, the Daily Mail newspaper said on Tuesday.

The cows caused around 10,000 pounds in damage to the Auster J1N craft, built in 1946, the paper said, "We were going back to the plane to fly home and we could see several bullocks standing around it, and there were gaping holes in the body of the plane," said Kingscott, who has piloted light planes for 16 years.

"I was speechless. I have never seen anything like it," she was quoted as telling the paper.

Closer inspection revealed that the cattle had munched away on large sections of the canvas surrounding the plane's metal strut frame, meaning it had to be dismantled and carried home on a trailer.

The duo, who co-own the plane with three other people, said they regularly made the 160km round trip to see their friends in Herefordshire, central England, and always parked in the same field.

The matter is now in the hands of their - presumably puzzled - insurers.

Source; France-Press

Posted by Z Tuesday, March 31, 2009 (20:43:53)

 Upgrade + downtime.
UKScifi LogoWe had some downtime for the last 3 days.

The downtime was due to problems with an old HDD and some hardware issues;

I run this server on a modded HP laptop with the LCD screen removed as I can just plug in a normal Monitor and switch this off totally, I also stripped other parts that are not needed like the flash card reader from the side of the case, the sound module and PCMCIA card slot.

The changes I made to the hardware was the laptop case for the new fan and upgraded the battery pack, this was to get the box running at under 70watts, and save my power bills.

I replaced the HDD and I decided to upgrade the OS to Ubuntu Server 8.10 thats good upto 2017.

We have a mail server running now, FTPd is back and a nice desktop installed, because I am getting lazy in my old age.

I also repaired the old UK Scifi database, from 1996-2005 but I have no idea at this time on how to merge them with the existing DBs.

More on that in time.


Posted by Z Thursday, August 07, 2008 (10:37:33)

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