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Please Note: We are changing the site around again (Running everything on linux), so we can add some new services, from this point on user(s) have to register to access the Downloads and Forums, We welcome users to submit downloads, News (Scifi /Tech related) dont be shy. Let us know.


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Lift OffA Re-Launch for the UK Scifi under new Management, The old site such as it was, could not be recovered as the databases was sadly damaged.

But it's time to move forward and not look back, the site design will stay the same for the time being, but as time advances forward we hope the site will take a new form and grow with the new generation of members.

The old site such as it was had many problems, both with Admins, and the Hardware they ran the site on, that served the user base from 1992-2005 with over 1.2Million members.

We would like to hope we can bring the community back to UKScifi offering more services and a database that supports every Scifi fans needs.

Watch this space.

Posted by Dragonfly CMS Team Thursday, August 16, 2007 (15:38:15)

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